The Shadow Snacks Story

Meet the guy (and the hound) behind Shadow Snacks.

snacks-with-shadowHow Shadow Snacks Came to Be
Shadow is a young dog and the inspiration for Shadow Snacks. He inspired Anmol Singh (owner of the dog and the business) to form a company out of the treats Shadow himself loves. Shadow Snacks and our flagship dog treat, the Peanut Butter Bone, is winning raving fans around our home base of Lone Tree, Colorado and beyond.

Why All-Natural Ingredients?
We love our dogs, and we think they deserve the best. Most dog treats on the market today are mass-produced by the big companies, and it’s pretty tough to know what’s really in them. We wanted to create a treat that not only tastes great and dogs love, but also 100% natural (no preservatives or hidden junk). After all, if you care about your own health, shouldn’t you care about your best friend’s too?

Interested in learning more about Shadow Snacks or placing an order online? Click here to check out our Products page.

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