Testimonials About Shadow Snacks

Russel Lee, Aurora, CO

So, we decided to do a test…Our dogs have some treats from the pet store that they beg for all the time. When it was time for a treat, I put a Shadow Snack next to the other treat and let the dogs choose. Both dogs chose the Shadow Snack. Also, one of our dogs is only 4-1/2 pounds and Shadow Snacks made some especially small just for her :-). So, between the pups’ preference and the customer service, I have to give you an A+ rating. Excellent work!

Devin Baker, Parker, CO

Shadow Snacks is very great, the treat smells amazing and is really all natural and cheap too! My dogs love these treats. Thanks Shadow Snacks!!!

Jack Pettinger, Brighton, CO

Shadow Snacks has quickly replaced Scooby Bits as my dog’s (Oscar) favorite treat. I have a feeling he is going to expect a Shadow Snack every evening now that he has gotten a taste of them. Glad to see him like the all natural ingredient treat, instead of the ones that have unknown substances in them. Keep up the good work and Oscar and I will be first in line to get more Shadow Snacks!!!!

Gaela Prince, Denver, CO

My pup simply cannot get enough Shadow Snacks! I like that they are made with all natural ingredients and it is a bonus that he enjoys the taste. We await any new flavors that you develop!

Evette Wilson, Conifer, CO

Thank you so much for creating Shadow Snacks. One sniff, one bite and Sophie Marie and Jacob Eugene were hooked. As mountain dogs, they need all the energy they can get. The wholesome ingredients are just what they need to stay healthy so they can play fetch and wander their own paradise. Can’t wait to order more and tell all the dog parents I know about Shadow Snacks. Thank you Anmol for creating the snack my kids drool over.

Megan Arntzen, Castle Rock, CO

There’s no shadow on these snacks – our dogs adore them! Thank you for creating a treat that’s all natural, caters to the pickiest pups and won’t break the bank! Amorette and Cashmere thank you as well!

Gorinder Kaur, Parker, Colorado

I am excited to see this business grow. I have known Anmol (CEO) most of my life, and have a dog myself who happily eats his Shadow Snacks. It’s his new favorite, and mine too!

Sue Armstrong, Highlands Ranch, Colorado

My dogs were very happy about their new snacks…..thanks so much for letting us be a part of your new business. I’m sure my dogs would enjoy more and it’s nice to know exactly what the ingredients are and that it’s all natural ingredients.

Corbin Cowan, Parker, Colorado

Our dog, Kira, loves the Shadow Snacks! When given a choice between her normal treat and a Shadow Snack she chose the Shadow Snack. I love the simple list of ingredients.

Jenn Scott, Aurora, Colorado

Today is our German Shepherd’s 4th birthday. As a special treat we got her a few Shadow Snacks. This is very fitting as her name is Shadow also! She loved them and came back for more. We’ll be buying more for sure!

Jeremy Cooper, Parker, Colorado

Daisy ‘our Golden Doddle’ loved Shadow Snacks. Although I only feed her half a cookie at a time (she is small), she gobbled them up and asked for more. I love that the snacks are all natural and contain no bi-products! Keep up the great work!

Jessica Speer, Englewood, Colorado

Stella, our Golden Retriever, absolutely loves Shadow Snacks! She wants them all the time now. Thank you, Shadow Snacks, for making such a nutritious, and apparently delicious, snack for our furry friends.


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